Up In Smoke Testo

Testo Up In Smoke

They took away my gardenTo make room for a chemical plantI feel my country's arteries hardenWith the aid of a government grantChorus:We are not a bunch of upstartsJust out looking for a causeWe hunger for our justiceAnd not applauseWe don't just make peace signs and meditateWe don't take this thing as a jokeWe just want to relate - we're in a pretty bad stateAnd we don't want to go up in smokeMy water has got cancerAnd the rivers have all driedWhile I watch my country practiceNuclear suicideChorusDon't think it's impossibleTo see this thing come cleanWe're going to save this poor old world's headFrom the guillotineChorus/SoloThey took away my garden(My water has got cancer)To make room for a chemical plant(And the rivers have all dried)I feel my country's arteries harden(While I watch my country practice)Nuclear suicideChorusOh Lord, we don't want to see our children go up in smoke