Mcee Testo

Testo Mcee

Straight from New York where black music was modernized
J-Live all wise and civilized
Always energized
All rights reserved and recognized
All rhymes supersized and come with fries
Stacked with fat backed opinions
Pinpoint accurate reflections
Timeless selections
For your listening pleasures
Where rhymes be the bars minutes or miles can measure
Can you believe I do this shit for a living?
Politic and positvin' and get paid for poems given
On records, tapes, cds, MP3s
Radios, shows in the states and overseas yo
It's ill cuz my role models are my peers now
And my thoughts'll be in your ears for years now
I'm trying to play my cards right
Cuz despite joys and pains I felt
Several hands were dealt
Yet I live good, look good, eat good, dress good
Stroke good, rest good
Even if I didn't
I could think good, write good, spit good, rock good
No need to knock on wood
Know why? Cuz I'm a

[Chorus x3]
"E-M-C-E-E" [Rakim]

Know why, cuz I'm a
Master of Ceremony
Making a Comeback and
Moving the Crowd with Mad Charisma
Most of y'all Cornballs
Mingle at Concerts
Making a Claim but you know who is the ["MC"]
More Concentration on My Cadence Might Cloud your mind
Controlling your Movement Capaciously
My Capacity to Massacre Crumbs
And Motive Change Most Certainly Makes you Consider me
Champion, Microphone is Consistently
Modelling Candor of Magnificence
See My Conduct is Mute to Cajolery
I Maintain with Clamency and Manificence
Cunning and Marvelous
Crafty yet Malevolent
To all Cultivators of Mindless Crap
I Really Recognize the Rude Ramblings of those Random Riff Raffs
Cuz they just Rap and I

[Chorus x4]

"The M" [cut up]
"The C" [cut up]
"The MC" [cut up]

I gonna let you in on how I ["C"]
On the day to the day doing what I do to these
["M"]-icroscopic sitopic ass
Now naysayers think they can stop it I
["M]-ake money and made money even when I
Couldn't make music, I was still makin dollars
And brace doubt, taking no as a vitamin
Constantly moving motivating and proving
Many are called but few get chosen
Clowns posing in a post and get frozen
More often than not I get hot like
["C"]4 on the stage blowing up the spot
Just for
Her, you and him, All of the Above
It's contagious how the crowd show me love
With a ["M"]-I-C in my hand
Coming to a venue to you, I better make you say