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Testo Travelling Music

From the I-95 to the Autobahn
I dig grooves and rhyme tracks like the art of form
The rain might stop but that don't mean the water's gone
It's kind of deep huh? well this is that sort of song
The kind of shit that will make your whole life mind toss
To recognize you ain't that small or that large
To make you understate, humble, yet headstrong
Enough to tell a motherfucker when he dead wrong
From the Marizano Bridge to the Golden Gate
I put the pen to the pad and I procreate
To put the rhyme to your mind in a sullen state
and intoxicate... here let me demonstrate

Page one
Chapter one
Game one
Live one
Win some
Lose some
Game from
Live from
Lands bid
Fans get
Open when a man spit
Friends get
Gotten from the verses that I transmit
Damn kid
Fought by
Elders that
Walk by
Young jake
Mind state
So fly
Thought high
Cause my
In a mind's eye make
Me able to bring the rain, hail, (where you coming from?)
snow every day and night

Worldwide, nationwide, statewide, citywide
Live state traveling
Turning' up the living wide

From the New Museum to the Guggenheim
You could set the time to a J-live rhyme
Without a phone, 50/50, or a life line
Ask the audience whose music you incline
Cause from the Adirondacks to the Himalayas
I cross landslides varying my naysayers
Ask Buffy who the real vampire slayer
The ten percent advocates never had a prayer
Well every Euphrates river or the Harlem river
Every song your spine shiver blue spark giver
Every liver got to live here for my rhyme quiver
You set the pace here have another taste

Page two
Chapter nine
Game seven
Live still
Maintain titles like ?demanay? refills
Drop that science like cartoon anvils
Bring the competition to a motherfucking standstill
And will
Never chill
Even when I top bill
Think, use change
Cause the saws higher range
Got range like rovers over lands
Be a man, woman, and child
Recognize, extra large (where you coming from?) types, size

Worldwide, nationwide, statewide, citywide
Live state traveling
Turning up the (where you coming from?) living wide