Make'em Nv Testo

Testo Make'em Nv

"Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! " - Lil' Fame (M.O.P.)

[J Dilla:]
Yeah, real niggaz only
("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ")
Let's do it, worldwide, show that shine
Get the cash, and flash like Kodak blind 'em
If I get the urge to splurge or bling I do it
It's nobody's concern, they ain't got a thing to do with this
Shut the fuck up~! Please believe
I had the boy kneed, out in Philly freeze the sleeves
Givin the "Gangsta Love" like Eve and Keys
The first piece, worshipped by the set of thieves with cheese
And haters think I ain't peep they steeze
Don't think I don't got, peeps that'll squeeze the things
And tryin to be M.O.P. you'll be D.O.A.
Me and my mans and them roll deep (peep)
And we don't play those games, no chain tuckin
Only congratulate if you hate fuck y'all
Rock City down here in the D
Bling bling, it's time to make 'em envy ("make 'em envy! ")
Let's do it

("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ") Yeah
Real niggaz only ("Them jewels... make 'em envy! ")
Let's go, Ruff - Draft ("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ")
Yeah ("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ")

Yo I'm like if you hot in 'em what you buyin 'em for?
Get your shine on, it's time to blind 'em all
Don't worry 'bout the haters you can shake they ass
When they can't get they taste of the cake they mad
And these backpackers wanna confuse it
Niggaz is icey ain't got nothin to do with the music
So hater mind your biz and get your own
You know what, time it is we get that glow
Better get your bitch before we hit that dough
We too sick, clique crew thick like colds
And you can respect it or SUCK IT~!
I'm in the booth, chain swingin, soundin like extra percussion
I'm tellin ya cousin, rock your jewels
If anything tucked, there's the pop in full
Just to let 'em know you ain't friendly
Let's sparkle baby, make 'em envy ("make 'em envy! ")

Yeah ("Them jewels... make 'em envy! ")
Top, dollars, flaunt ("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ")
Shake the haters ("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ")
We gon', keep it movin like ("Them jewels you rock, make 'em envy! ")
Ruff Draft, can't change me
Cause I'm a be a nigga with ice
It's plain to see, you can't change me
Cause I'm a be...