The $ Testo

Testo The $

Yo! {"I need the money") McNasty Presents
("For awesome amounts of dough") Yeah-yeah-yeah...
("I need the money") ("Awesome amounts of dough")
("I need the money") Turn it up
("I need - I need the money")
[Common:] ("What money do to a n... ")
Where you at? Ruff Draft muh'fucker ("I need the money")
("What money do to a n... ")
("Once again, I need the money")
[J Dilla:]
Yo, I'm thinkin of a master plan
I'm blingin with the cash in hand
I got a muh'fuckin right to shine nigga
I paid my dues, I earned this cake I abuse
I burn the paper the way I choose
I gotta, handle my B.I., and I do
And hold the T-I-N-Y tool
With a mind of it's own, no tellin what it might do
Mess with my loot and it might pop
It might lock, it might not, it might SHOOT~!
And it's not the chance to take, just like it's not the answer
Who out for the paper? Hands UP
Lay back and pay that dancer
Holla if you ever been placed in handcuffs
Survival the name of the game, you wanna play?
You wanna race don't wait for the bang!
Let's go

Gotta go and get the money - worldwide, let's get it
Gotta go and get the money - can't stop hustlin baby
Gotta go and get the money - ("the money") it's for you
Gotta go and get the dough - okay! Mo-ney

[J Dilla:]
(Gotta go and) get these nuts
Yes it reads cheese or bust
Dilla with the gangsta shit
Now let me say it again, and say it with feeling
Dilla with the gangsta shit~! Here to spit the flame
Here to get the bank and split
Here to twist the dank and hit it
Here to twist the game, here to flip this change and spend it
Down here in the valley of death we walk that
Talk crap and wind up wet in the alley
Survival, the name of the game
And everywhere I go they play it the same
So stay mindin your own and grind and roll
Keep shinin, keep headlinin shows
And get that dough let's eat my nigga
Let's not be broke next week my nigga~!

Cause you know how we do when we get the money - so keep stackin your chips
Gotta go and get the money - Dill' keep mackin your bitch
Gotta go and get the money - don't stop, just do it
Gotta go and get the dough - we gon' rock on and, yeah

Gotta go and... on and, on, yeah
Rock on and, we don't quit
Rock on and on and on and
Rock on and, yeah!
Rock on and... on and... on... rock on [echoes and fades]