The Introduction Testo

Testo The Introduction

Back in the days when I was a young nigga
Before my uncle Al let me pull a gun trigger
You could find Dilla listening to Abstract
My pops used to say it reminded him of Jazz Cats
See he told me that this game go in cycles
Example, Sisqo amping like Michael
Expect nothing but fire, it's on and poppin'
If you got the chronic, J is for the coppin'

Come on everybody let's get live with it
The niggas nice with it like dykes lick it
First let me introduce myself
My peeps call me Dilla
Known to write and produce myself
Also I'm a pimp by nature
Worked hard though
Ball more than the NBA does, it's Dilla

Motha' fucka' get the name right now
My live niggas love it like they name Bilal
I bangs it out, niggas put the same shit out
And I've been observing the game, came to save it now
It's Dilla, bringing the pain and bringing the truth
If you bring it to J then you bring it to you
Got a problem, I ain't worried at all
Born and raised in the D
And hold big fuckin' warrior balls
Dilla like inspector Gadget
Cause I pull out the tools to eliminate the extra baggage
Dilla on some vector fab shit, watch out
Party people if you like it hot shout, Dilla

I got the MJ disease, emcees wanna be me
If I spit anything it's gonna be heat
Cause Dilla dawg a one of a kind, nigga
Killin' 'em all for the rhyme
A motherfuckin son of a nine, nigga
If I pull a chain out in the sun of the blind, niggas
First thing that come to your mind
When you think of hard core
Taking cuts to the front of the line
J Dilla, icey, like [?]
So contagious, call me J Isley
'Bout to take the fuck off travel at light speed

Ok, row your boat, don't rock it
Just row, but don't rock it
Row, but don't rock it
Just row, but don't rock it
Just row, row, but don't rock it
Just row

Yeah, party people
Get live with it