The Sickness Testo

Testo The Sickness

Uh, uh, it's the sickness uh, uh, uh, ah, ah, ah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I got the MJ disease cause MCs wanna be me
If I spit anything it's gonna be heat
Cause Dilla Dawg a one of a kind nigga
Killin' em off with the rhymes, motherfuckin' son of a 9 nigga
If I pull a chain out in the sun it'll blind niggas
First thing that come to your mind when you think of hardcore
Takin' cuts to the front of the nine
I break blunts, fill 'em up, and then fire, and take puffs
The city of G's, the gaters, and gutter
The switches and D's, the haters and murder
My niggas runnin' the streets, they ready to eat
And roll heavy, deep in Chevys and Jeeps
And most carry so be ready to bleed if you talk shit
Why check these nigga threat'in the Dee, we walkin'
Most of my niggas been locked down for something, prolly Bitch smackin' niggas not down for nothin'
Got a fetish for dough, cheese, bucks
Out for the lettuce so blow these nuts

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Everybody's not goin', gettin'
They mad because they can't accept me
They try to hex me, especially those who never rose
They want better clothes and nicer lives
I don't have an ego, I go harder than average people
Plus I got twice the drive
Suited and booted, niggas might have heard I was lost
You might wanna consider your source
I try to play it cool, show people that I can chill
So wealthy people take me serious and know I'm real
Open a club up in Shanghai
I ain't step inside yet
Silicon Valley every two months
On private jet, I'm venture capital nigga
Read it how I invest
I'm in the trade so much
The Wall Street Journal but I don't flex or front too much
It's too early to serve you, I'd rather curve you
This ain't just rap, this facts
I'm in places, I shock places they don't see black
So if you're ever in malaise tell 'em Nas said peace
Frontin', I've never been in Maldives, not even Greece yet
But I bet out in Greece I get that respect