Chapter 4: Becoming United (The United) Testo

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  • Chapter 4: Becoming United (The United)

Testo Chapter 4: Becoming United (The United)

Our greatest gift is not our knowledge or critical thought
Not all primal urges are natural instincts
Humanity's greatest gift is connection
They've chosen to separate us by our differences rather than acknowledge that we have always been one
Is there not wisdom in being wicked or wickedness in being wise?
Without wisdom, we lose sight of another soul
Without wickedness, the soul dies
Light and darkness never compete
They only balance
The united exists somewhere in between
We are wise and we are wicked
We have joined something great
We are descendants of [?]
We speak with poethic fluidity and move with passionate release
We share our resources, putting a stop to mindless servitude
We do not hide from justice or discovery
We welcome rebellion and we rebel in expression
Embrancing a single side of humanity will never lead to real success or progression
Faith requires our collection to take that which makes us wise
And wicked

And stand together