Prologue: The Wise And The Wicked Testo

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Testo Prologue: The Wise And The Wicked

Our existence was coming to an end
Our sources depleting, society dissolving into war
We knew it couldn't go on, but we did not know it could come to this
A world rocked with refuse, poverty and despair
When once this kind of society could only exist in dystopian fiction, this now is our startling reality
A secluded few in this hopeless wasteland lived a life of opulence, while the majority suffered
The people of this new world are now split in two by creed
One side, obsessed with technological stride, discovering the lifestyle of lavishness
The others, seeking to reunite us with our primal instincts, rage against order and injustice
Their prime directive is to let humanity burn itself in order to start again
People are starving as humanity tumbles further into complete chaos
Is it better to selfish for the sake of progression or violent for the sake of reparation?

Which side will you chose; the wise or the wicked?