Crazy Testo

Testo Crazy

{Verse 1}
Kinda like a summer breeze
You do exactly as you please
Drop a brotha to his knees, just for fun
I think it was the first of May
Girl I can't forget the day
Right then and there I knew you were the one
Do ya think that possibly
You could spend your life with me
Cause girl this love is growin'
And it's hotter than the sun
I get a little bit crazy, baby
Every time you call my name
My heart beats a little bit faster, after
You are in my arms again
Can't try to fight it, won't even try to hide it
Emotions fallin' down like the rain
Can't find the words to explain it, ain't it
Crazy how I fall, every time you call my name
{Verse 2}
Kinda like a work of art
You shot an arrow through my heart
And even though we're worlds apart- I can't deny
I feel like you're a part of me
The finish and the start of me
Girl you are the heart of me- and that's no lie
Did I mention that I love you so
And I just want the world to know
If I could, ya know I would, write your name across the sky
Every time that you're close to me
I lose control of my sanity
Every night everyday every word that you say
Girl you know you put a spell on me
(added adlibs)