If I Never Get To Heaven Testo

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Testo If I Never Get To Heaven

What does your love mean to me?
It's something I can't answer easily
Just like the air that I breathe
You fill me up inside
You give me all that I need

Like a bird flying high on a summer's day
You're the wind that carries me away
To a place where you and I will always stay

If I never get to heaven
Then at least I will have known
I had an angel here on earth
That I could call my very own
And if this world should end tomorrow
Girl, this much I know is true
I found my piece of heaven
The day that I found you

Longer than poets will rhyme
Girl, my love will burn for you
Until the end of time
If I should die before tomorrow comes
I won't regret a single day
Because I had your love

Must be something in the way you say my name
It takes away my worries and my pain
Girl, I know we'll make it through the rain together


Like a river flows and a flower grows
My love for you will never fade
Like the sun will rise in the morning sky
You know that I am here to stay forever