I Don't Feel A Thing Testo

Testo I Don't Feel A Thing

Words and Music: Jennifer Logue and Saric

Verse 1:
So many nights I gave you my love-all my love
But boy I guess it wasn't enough
Slept by your side- kept holding on, holding on
For something that would never come
I built you up and you let me down
Traded me in for a blonde one
She's all that I'm not and I wish you the best
I hope you're happy- yeah.

But I'm not gonna cry for you
My tears called it quits after all the shit
You put me through- so I do not feel like crying

And I don't feel a thing
Don't you think I'm pretending
Cuz I don't feel a think
No my world isn't changing
And I don't feel a thing

So you can get up and leave

Verse 2:
Oh does she know about your little problem
Say bye-bye- bye honeymoon
Cuz it'll crash and burn with the truth
And I'll be there with a camera yeah
I'll be there with a camera, taking your picture
Oh- Oh cuz you know, you know I told you so


Now that you and her are together
Better say a prayer when you can't give her any happiness
Now I don't have to share my bed- gives me more room to stretch
And that's fine by me- get up and leave
Cuz you never did it the way that I liked it baby