Sigh Testo

Testo Sigh

Words and Music: Jennifer Logue

Verse 1:
Called you on the phone and left you a message
I haven't heard back maybe you didn't get it
Why's it always me, the one left waiting?
Did I make your list, was I worth writing?

If you don't want me, the way that I want you,
Then there's nothing more, nothing more for me to do.

So I'll just Sigh
And I'll turn off the light and Sigh
Oh- Oh
Another Sigh for you

Verse 2:
Only capable of so much giving
Told you how I feel but you weren't listening
Now I won't pretend that it's okay
Cuz it hurts like hell to feel this way.

Do you know the damage you do to me?
I'm tearing at the seams
And I'm weak from a heart that's bleeding
But I won't waste my breath no
No I won't waste my breath.


This is a sigh of resignation
I'm taking 2 steps in the right direction
But I won't sigh
No I won't sigh
I'm out of sighs for you