Up&Down Testo

Testo Up&Down


Up & Down

In & out

Baby let me turn it out

Upside down, round and round
This is how it's goin' down

Baby let me tell you what's been on my mind

All the places I can hit it

Startin' in my ride

Or we can take it to your crib

And do it on the floor

(baby anywhere you want it)

Let me rub you up and down

And make you scream and moan
In the kitchen on the counter

By the telephone

Or we can do it over here

Or we can do it over there

Baby anywhere you want it

(Chorus 2x)

But if you turn on the shower

While we're in the tub

I'll get your body soaking wet

And we can rub a dub

Or we can take it to my crib

If water's what you like

('Cause baby I've got a Jacuzzi)

I'll put on your favorite song

A sexy interlude

A there's a game that we can play

To really set the mood

You put your right foot in

Your left foot out

And baby watch me turn it out

(Chorus 2x)

May I ask why your clothes are still on?


Do you need a glass of Dom Perrion?

Let me turn it out until dawn

When the day breaks, once again it's on. . .