Holly Brown Testo

Testo Holly Brown

Cliche in haste
personal elsewhere end my me-time
turpentine nightmares
shave this ghost until it looks like you
champaign host of a girl I knew
androgynous face in a butterfly suit
a waste of space for what I put you through
addicting headlines a virtue can hurt you
smother your mother with a pipe and a tissue
Ooo she said no
Ooo she said no
downtown holly brown
you got up and I fell down for you
but you already knew that
holly brown is a beauty and her ass looks good in a pair of ripped jeans
smoking a cigarette
teenager angst
expensive nation
nothing burns in fornication
spotted algae lit by wax
let's undress I'll rub your back
time kills thrills
I need my pills
rock and roll don't pay the bills
God just spoke now listen listen
I don't need no medicine medicine