Swimming In A Sea Of Alcohol Testo

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Testo Swimming In A Sea Of Alcohol

She said to stop your drinking
your making me sick
so I fell on my face and I busted my lip
hey mother
tell father I cut my wrists while shaving again
and I killed my best friend
it seems like all the angels are crying for me
it appears that they're really really scared of apathy
but nothing really bothers me when I close my eyes
no nothing really matters at all
thirty-four ants on my living room floor
don't panic
your just bored
I faked my death for the 2nd time this week
it never works out right
I always forget something
eyes are swollen
mind is blown
somethings bothering me
mom is crying
God is dying
somethings bothering me
oh, no, momma hold my hands for the scary parts
momma don't get hit in the face with my broken heart