Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Testo

Testo Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

Well, when I was a young man never been kissedI got to thinkin' it over how much I had missedSo I got me a girl and I kissed her and then, and thenOh, lordy, well I kissed 'er againCHORUSBecause she had kisses sweeter than wineShe had, mmm, mmm, kisses sweeter than wine(Sweeter than wine)Well I asked her to marry and to be my sweet wifeI told her we'd be so happy for the rest of our lifeI begged and I pleaded like a natural manAnd then, whoops oh lordy, well she gave me her handCHORUSWell we worked very hard both me and my wifeWorkin' hand-in-hand to have a good lifeWe had corn in the field and wheat in the binAnd then, whoops oh lord, I was the father of twinsCHORUSWell our children they numbered just about fourAnd they all had a sweetheart a'knockin' on the doorThey all got married and they wouldn't hesitateI was, whoops oh lord, the grandfather of eightCHORUSWell now that I'm old and I'm a'ready to goI get to thinkin' what happened a long time agoHad a lot of kids, a lot of trouble and painBut then, whoops oh lordy, well I'd do it all againBecause she had kisses sweeter than wineShe had, mmm?kisses?sweeter?than?wine