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Testo Anqie

I had three favorite MCs, now I need replacements
Ones gone, one's retired, the other might be a racist
jJust look at the game and see how the pace is
It's time for some new voices and change of faces
They usually come in three's, i'm a third of the fraction
So let me be the first to take affirmative action
I ain't a playa no more, naw i'm coaching instead
You can't say shit to me, my emotions are dead
Have you floating with the fish, make the ocean your bed
You wasn't beefing, you made a commotion and fled
Rhymes aimed at a spot close to your head
So when it's time to shine you get skipped like the top loaf of the bread
I'm so advanced that if I ever decided to
Fall off, i'd still be a level higher than you
This is the outcome of hardwork combined with talent
Ya'll jerks know not of neither so ya'll turn violent
Platinum sales is what i'm targeting fam
I got the skills and look, all I need now's a good marketing plan
I'm signing deals, put my John Hancock on contracts
You on your man's cock, getting high off contacts
Don't compare me to these rappers cause we took the same route
Battled a million cats just to get our name out
Matter fact take em all, put em in the same house
and have a reality show called, " They Never Came Out "
Your label says fourth quarter, but they'll end your career
The balls the only thing dropping at the end of the year
See me, i'm on some raising the meter shit
Bout to get on my Rakim, follow the leader shit
You still stuck on that ol " I'm popping my heater shit"
But we can smell from over here that that's a heap of shit
Dont contradict yaself
Cause when they find out you ain't a killer, you kinda dicked yourself
And run into gorillas that put kindness on the shelf
Failed math but won't hesitate minusing your health