It Is Love Testo

Testo It Is Love

Sitting around waiting for the phone to ring
Hoping it will be the man dreams
Sitting staring tossing and turning
Phone please ring I'm just burning and burning with anticipation the situation makes me think I am crazy for waiting around just to talk to what makes my heart pound (pound pound pound pound) I don't understand the feelings I have but I know my body shivers when he crosses my path. I hope we last forever like the heavens above, he makes me feel so good. But is it love?

I may be young but my feelings are true, some people think I don't know what to do, but I do and that's how I'm living that's why my men are constantly giving me roses and flowers and beautiful gifts and I really love the way it feels when we kiss but don't get me wrong Cause I'm as pure as the snow, I'm waiting for the right man don't you know and when I find him I hope that we're as tight as a glove, but I have to ask myself Is it Love?

Am I being silly or can this really be that I've fallen in love so easily, I haven't known him long but these feelings are real content and satisfied is how I feel, whenever he's near me and even when he's not my heart is on fire and I just can't seem to stop wanting him needing him calling out his name, Is it love or is it insane only time will tell if I've reached the white dove cause I need to know Is it love?