Now Really Testo

Testo Now Really

Everybody talking bout funky but here's where's at

What can we play, what what can we play, what can we play

We gonna drag you in the alley put some garbage on top you and make you real funky

kickin back wasting some time thinking bout some suckas and what comes to mind, some females that despite me in other word the little bitches dislike me, but ask me if I care and I'll just laugh straight up while I'm signing my autographs on the back of your glossy I'll leave my signature cause just face it nobody wants a picture of you hanging anywhere that they may go, cause I seen a better picture on a can of alpo on the serious tip the girl is hurt with them big porkchop lips that keep flopping saying nothing worth listening to so if I ever say wack yo I'm referring to you homegirl yeah you the ugly one I'm tired of being nice so I think it's time I come correct and let you know where my minds at so face the facts your records just wick wick wack to bad with a capital W

Sugar and spice we didn't forget about you, don't diss us cause you'll be pissing us and right now I know you're sitting there listening to us, thinking to yourself how can I get back, Now Really, do you think that you can do that, from what I heard it'll be a hell of a task if you needed the money homegirl all you had to do was ask and I'd a served you then like I'm serving you now you stupid cows get off the tip
Now to the fellas I'm known as a heartthrob but everybody thinks of you as a rush job rushing everything you do and constantly failing and then you wonder why you records not selling, well first of all it's the concept for goodness sake dissing us now that was your first mistake cause when I heard the record I just dropped, I guess you can can, can what make a flop, yo it wasn't funky it wasn't legit cause you're just like a soap opera young and youre restless suckas it was dump it was silly thinking you can get some of this, Now Really

Yo this is personal on a serious tip, Sassy tell what time it is.

Theres only one thing to do when I'm on the attack sit in the corner get fitted for the dumb hat cause it's me I'm part of the three the capital J J F A D so everybody listen up I got something to say about all these suckas try a stand in my way when we dropped supersonic yo it was a trip cause every girl in the world was cold riding the tip, saying I can beat them their record so damn sad, saying lets make a record dissing JJ Fad but we didn't care cause supersonic still busting and at the same time filling our pockets up that's right we getting paid cold paying the rent why you on the sad label,clocking five percent stupid you so stupid and I think it's funny don't you know the fool spending all your money homegirl, you surprised me I thought that you were smarter that but you need to put your rhymes back on the spice rack cause you a biter biting everything, you know something, I think you even cold bit your name, sugar and spice now that was wack you coulda been a lil more original than that and you try to diss us it was dumb it was silly thinking you could get some of this? now Really Realy Really

To bad sugar and spice and anybody else who think they can get some, this ones for you.