Hold On Tight Testo

Testo Hold On Tight

I've been watching you all day woman
You're so easy on my eyes
And now you're building up my appetite girl
Ah baby it's man-sized

Well I really like girl what you're wearing
Sure does fit you so tight
And I can't wait for the kids to go to sleep, go to sleep
Ah you better hold on, you better hold on, hold on
woman - you better hold on tight

I'm going to pull you in a little bit closer girl
watch them sparks fly
While you whisper sweet little nothings in my ear woman
Set 'em up and I'll knock 'em all down

Feel the magic of the moment woman
tip toe that straight edge
I'm going to work till you ain't gotta drop of sweat left in
your body baby
ah yeah that's my pledge

Well I really like the way you're moving
Round and round we go, ain't going to stop
Just a little pain while I pour, pour the coal to the train,
About to hit steam girl
You better hold on, you better hold on, hold on
You better hold on tight