99 Flow Testo

Testo 99 Flow

Motherfuckers wanna act loco,
Hit ‘em up, numerous shots like a photo.
Try to make it in a rap, if not, in a trap,
Got to dich it out for the low-low.
We know what the time shirt, get a funny work,
But this line ain’t rhyme besert.
Every time I hit the trap seat on my back,
Realize what the sky is worth, fuck that feeling.
Fly as fuck, ‘cause my time is up,
Last flip and I’m buying the track.
When I hit the street, your time is up,
Trying to rap, ‘cause this guy is up,
Better get your hoe, I came for dope,
This game is crazy, this dame is cold.
Every time my name is thrown
These lames they blame they lay their own.