Free Testo

Testo Free

Nothing in life is for free,
You gotta work hard.
It’s like I feel like I’m free flying because
I put in so much effort and work so hard
To get to who I am
And I’m still dreaming.

Same hustle, different game, switch the campaign,
In the mood to finish the moral, brings this damn pain.
People you thought they’re in your fame don’t give a damn,
They’re not around when you need a hand, it’s a damn shame.
And when these dollars stop coming
The phone start ringing, they act like they don’t want it.
But they’re fronting, and as soon as you just confront it
They switch it up and they say that you changed with all your money,
Fuck ‘em, though.
They ain’t worry about the mouth I got to feed,
Had to see, so this greed comes ‘cause I want for my daughter
So I cry, scratching up every dime, ‘cause this little light of mine, I swear to God that I’m close polar.
Huh? So fuck swag, even though I’m fresh,
These niggers talking a lot, but they’re showing less.
It’s like they don’t get my flow unless they been to hell and back,
Knows people I swear they know me best.
From a city full of hatred, don’t want me to make it, but I swear I got to break it.
Yeah, and then I got to pop it, the hands up in my pocket, need to stop it, you ain’t help me, bitch.
Low lights and bright sounds, try to make it, I tell you what living life’s about
Not for handed, execute how I plan to see,
Is money over everything, but nothing over family.
Yeah, set goals and try to reach ‘em,
People think you’re dreaming, not the ones that’s really sleeping.
Hustle hard, bringing hoes in these candy shoes,
In order to win, you can’t be scared to lose.

Who would’ve thought I’d be caught in this life?