One Man Army Testo

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Testo One Man Army

You're listening to one of the most sinister sounding intros to one of the greatest epics ever produced, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

One man army, wage war on an A4
With the force of a chainsaw, leave your brain sore
And you can pray to your saint, lord, or nail boards to your door
I'll leave your career deader than Kreayshawn's
Frontline runner and I came for
Everything in sight, here to make your day short
Skull crusher, kiddy cult buster
Bye bye bae bay city roll past ya
If you think it's all laughter
Ask Syllabollix who brings a disaster
Every line's got the spite of a python
That bites like I'm Tyson, fight like a bison
The last of a breed that is dying
Creep like a tiger, breath like a lion
Make your mind bend like you eat psilocybin
Then I'm out like a thief when the night ends
Give it to 'em