Symphony Testo

Testo Symphony

Hall of Fame Gang
Left side, right side
Left side, right side
West side, left side

Praised be the nigga who hustle hard, I’m living it
Dark in imprisonment, life is so illegitimate
The game’s killing me but niggas say I’m killing it
When niggas yardin in my sections, are they really feeling me?
Is this the track you press next on when you’re alone?
But if you were in front of me you’d probably play the whole song
They tell me made a club hit, but I hate clubbing
I’d rather make a couple dollars than to make nothing
Get it? Nah, I guess it flew over your head
Put if I can’t be myself I’d rather be dead
Modern day hippie, all I need is dreads
Young rasta making pasta, all I need is bread
Hip-hop, Woodstock, just Jimmy Hendrix
Rolling stacked bricks when I was little playing Tetris
Ever since I had a cigar I’ve been on it
I learned how to collect coins when I playing Sonic
But fuck the games cuz in life there’s no reset button
And no control, you could die just cuz you said something
So I say nothing, keep my mouth closed
Cuz there ain’t no snitchin allowed in my fuckin household

Nah ah, no snitchin
That shit is so cold right there
Keep my fuckin mouth shut
Bring the sample in
Put your hand up if you high right now
I’m high, he’s high, she’s high, we’re high
I get it

Sleepwalker, I don’t wanna wake up
Praying to God cuz He the only one can save us
Me and my brother crippled, mother no father’s around
When we was down we picked each other up off of the ground
I taught him how to tie his shoes but couldn’t walk with em
He took his own path in life, I couldn’t walk with him
Had talks with him bout the future and the past
Broke kids talking bout what we would do with cash
Let’s buy a house in every city that we travel to
Buy a couple Lambos, race em down the avenue
With no seatbelts on, we just risk it all
Mid-September, fly to Cali, we just skip the fall
I’m going death from all these cheap talkers and gossipers
Hurdling obstacles, observating who’s watching us
I’ll probably die by a hand I once shook before
Peace and happiness is all I’m really lookin for
That’s all I ever needed, mama was paraplegic
Daddy was not around to help me tie up my Adidas
All he ever did was fill my mama up with semen
And then he dipped out on us for no fucking reason

Real shit though
I know you can relate to this even if you didn’t go through it
Real rap nigga
Hall of famers, Hall of Fame Gang
Ha ha