This That Testo

Testo This That

This that grab a gun, shoot a nigga, kill him on sight shit
Stab him up quick, throw away the knife shit
That one second after death, see the light shit
But damn, I wish I would’ve did the right shit
That little voice in the back of your head
Telling you to bet it all, if you lose you’re dead
That feeling in your stomach when you lose your bread
Why you bet it on black, you should’ve bet it on red
And we all been there before
I’m tryna take it to the top but there’s no steps to the door
Heart racing like a horse, I’m runnin the whole course
Lifestyle of a boss, I never took a loss
Bright lights in my face got me seeing double
Money’s like pour in the water, I’m tryna see it bubble
Stay away from trouble, try to keep it humble
Snakes slither in the grass, I’m living in a jungle

Can you hear it
Yea, yea
Let it talkin bout us

Ok look, this that go for the gusto, psycho nuts flow
Married to the game, hurry up and throw the rice flow
That fish scale, grade A, pure white snow
That Bellagio water with the light show
Top floor at the mirage, taking Vegas in
I hate to gamble but I guess you gotta play to win
I’m spendin nights in the city, they say it’s plagued with sin
And think about all the money I’ll never see again
Long trip, short lived, I guess nothing lasts
That’s why I’m chasing every dollar, letting nothing pass
Watching sand pour down through the hourglass
The fast life but I ain’t tryna live it fast
Here we go again, I’m back in my piranha shit
Rock n roll lifestyle, I’m on my Nirvana shit
Playboy like a young Hugh Hef
Enough bass in the trunk to make you death

Ok yea
Lane I see you
James I see you
Let’s go
Uh yea

This that Futurama shit, me and my conglomerates
The good life, we addicted to the finer shit
Gucci belt, Louis shoes, that designer shit
Money over bitches so that’s who the fuck we ridin with
Hands down, I’m the flyest nigga doin it
Private flights everywhere, I got my own stewardess
Look dummy, the money’s the only motive
Shorty’s only fuckin depending on what you drove in
I want a hundred million cash, not a dollar short
I’m balling fast on these courts, life is like a sport
I’m dumping on the world, pulling down a blackboard
Moving like a train, better stay up off the platform
I’m zoned out off that killa California shit
Got too big, you hit a van, life that run up on yo whip
Two guns out, like who want what?
You crew get touched, now you fucked up
It’s a cold world

On that 20-12 shit
Let’s go
New City I see you
Ha ha
Show off, show off
Kitt Lane in the building
In Memphis