Drama Testo

Testo Drama

[chorus x2]
Drama, drama
Drama drama
Drama, drama

Dis for da killaz and cut throats, da grown bustas
They don't wanna talk it out, nigga they won' rush ya
Wig slitin niggaz wit a perminate boot
Give a fuck about nothin, knock your tongue in da shoe
No compromise in my eyes, ain't no love in my heart
'Bout to kick da dust off, its takin too long to start
You won' ball wit me nigga, i'll knock your dick in da dirt
I feel like i'm violated and i'm sorry it won't work
I want

[chorus x5]

I've been waitin for a nigga to flex or say somethin', so I can pull out this tec' and start dumpin
It makes no difference if its nigga or bitch, a-body bedda split when I get to my shit
I got no conversation, no one shot
Fuck 5-0, I don't get along wit cops
I'm bout straight put'n niggaz up in body bags
Real killaz 'round here, we don't lie to gab

[Chorus x4]

[Chorus 2]
Nigga take it outside
Fuckahhh outside, we can take it right here x4

Now where da semi-automatic, coo
Da k totters
Niggaz dat ain't scared of war, cuz they souljaz
When it comes time to ride, they take over
Busta outta line, knock da head off they shoulders
I don't wanna talk about peace
Fuck dat, i'm about to lay ya flat wit ya head attached
Ya bout dat, i'm bout dat
How dat shit sound
We gon' tear this club up, just to tear this bitch down

[Chorus x4]

We comin wit da true thug niggaz, dat be cookin da beef
Dem knock-out artists dat'll put ya to sleep
And while a-body talkin bout pushin da peace
I'm tryin to figure why da fuck this nigga lookin at me
This nigga just don't know dat i'm heavily armed, and i'm locked on him, and i'm ready to bomb
You could never be calm,
when my people swarm on ya, quando saqueo la mierdra
You'se a goner, we bout

[Chorus x4]

[chorus 2 x4]

[Chorus x4]