Snakes Testo

Testo Snakes

(feat. Sundown)

[Sundown talking]

[Hook x2: Sundown]
So many snake ass niggas, who's to trust
Trustin' one of these niggas will get my head bust
I trust in my dog and my gun cause them the one that I know for sho'
Is gonna make sho' got harmed by no one, by no one
So many snake ass niggas I come around with my trigger
And V and the Sundown, playboy how did ya figure
Ya supposed to be dog, do whatever fuck the stormy weather
If I had beef and you had beef we put the shit together
Which ever was clever, I spoiled to the depths
They wouldn't take yo breath
Without a retaliatin' rippin' someone's chest
Into the flesh, leavin' a bloody mess
Could ya picture bullets flyin', niggas dyin'
Families cryin' cause I thought this nigga was tryin' to take mine
Shit gets better and you can imagine
I got mad love for ya but it ain't that kind of passion
It's the kind where .357 be blastin'
Niggas be duckin' and passin'
Behind the ones I love so much, shit gettin' drastic
I can't have it like I can't have it
Behind my back runnin' ya mouth like that
Get cha' shit straight to the fact
Let's see what the fuck possessin' you to think like that
And where the courage came from for you to pull off that act


[Kane & Abel]
I was brought up by snakes, taught me to survive in the grass
Use one eye to watch your friend the other watch your ass
Let no man be excused from suspicion when something missin'
Listen to his story but when he guilty become victim
Quick descions get cha' post cut short
Get cha' filled with cha' mind, keep it with much heart
Business is yankin'
Fuck with strays and ya family, friends
And money mix like mayonaise and cotton candy
Strangely the roots of all evil
Could easily be the fruits for all people
Anything with a life got a price
If it can't be bought, it can be knocked off for a pair of Nikes
Tight as times is ya mind is ya weapon
Keep it when ya steppin' use it when ya threatened
A blessing from God can never be taken
By the hands of a man who can never understand
You sucker ass snakes

[Hook x2]