I Don't Care Testo

Testo I Don't Care

(feat. Aaron Hall)

[Aaron Hall]
Oooo baby
Oooo baby

[verse1: Kane]
What you gonna do?
Its on you, I ain't gon' sweat, you beef you,
I wanna come get you.
What you mean your man won't let you?
I knew about him when I first met you.
It ain't stop nuthin, at the Mariott fuckin'.
A week lata blow me up while he blowin up your paga.
Messed up I ain't no hata.
Its all about the game, its all about the playa.
You should've never ate her. You knew what you had.
You can't change her.
Why you mad 'cause I banged her?
Ain't got time for the conversation, don't keep me waitin.
I'm so impatient, my time is money.
When the clock keeps tickin' its wastin'.
My voice got your heart racin.
You know you wanted me but you settled for him.
I look betta than him, dress betta than him.
Make you laugh, make more chedda' than him.
My tux get you more wetta' than him.
Lets be friends. Bring cheese,bring the juice and gin
I'll pick you up at a quarter till 10.
Then....jump in my ride let's keep it on the DL.
True playaz like me neva hit and tell.
If you can keep a secret I can keep a secret so well.

[Chours x2: Aaron Hall]
I know you got a man.
But I don't care.
He don't please you, like I would do my baby.
Yeah Yeah.

[Verse 2: Abel]
Only got a little bit of time on my hands.
Just enough to be a ladie's man.
Got a little black book with alot of phone numbers I call when I can.
That's the way it was, but now somehow them tables done got switched.
Got me dialin yo number in the middle of the night
like I'm sick and I need a fix.
My boys tellin me I'm whipped,
but I'm tellin you I know you hooked.
I could never be scared and I don't care
if your man give me them dirty looks.
He should, but that's cool,
I can deal with him, I'd rather be dealin with you.
We can do some things we ain't suppose to do,
maybe do somethings you might've hoped to do.
So if it's cool, maybe you could come through,
and we could get it togetha.
But you sayin' you can't because of your man?
Alright, whateva.
So jump in my ride.
Let's keep it on the DL.
True playaz neva hit and tell.
If you can keep a secret, I can keep a secret so well.

[Chours x4]

See you at the park.
See you at the mall.
See you at the club.
I see you with him always.
I don't care.

See you at the club.
See you at the mall.
See you at the park.
I see you with him always.
(Why you still lookin, why you still lookin?)
I don't care.

Why you still lookin at me?

Kane and Abel, Aaron Hall.
Playaz hookin up, ya dig?
Most wanted style.

I don't care [x6]