Straight Thuggin' Testo

Testo Straight Thuggin'

(feat. Sole', Twista)

Gangsta! (Gangsta)
Gangsta! (Gangsta)

[Verse 1: Twista]
Gang-bangin murder with the killin, stackin Phillys to the ceiling
bloody body chillin, can't fight the feeling, now I'm a Chi-Town building
and I'm rolling with New Orleans,
what the fuck enemies gonna bring to the table?
I'm gonna train to slain you
Rollin with my gangstas Kane and Abel
In pain can you sustain them cables hooked on your back
who got you charged? Wanna get the mac off guard?
Nigga I don't know you so you better come hard
get your nieces, nephews, and cousins
takin bunches all of the sudden, who them niggas thats southern?
all the bullshit haters talking, I aint stuntin
we're gonna be ballin never fallin rollin hundreds in a 600 benz
steady stackin ends hit the block on 10, rollin with the twins
merciless thugs, bustin off slugs,
so your family didnt know where you was
breakin the motherfuckers off for the set dub 2000
It happened to lack for the love what?
No fear strike first
Gonna roll, strike first, don't fit,
to the death, gotta ride til we die
we the one, then if you gotta try,
hollow points gotta fly, so holla bye, shorty don't cry
hold yo chest up, you about to get touched
That's what you get for bein a hoe
and fuckin with niggas like us

[Chorus x2: Kane and Twista]

We're straight thuggin, straight thuggin,
straight thuggin, straight thuggin
Gotta get em all by the dozen,
better start runnin if it aint no lovin for what
Gansta! (Gangsta)
We're straight thuggin, straight thuggin,
straight thuggin, straight thuggin
Gotta get em all by the dozen,
better strart runnin if it aint no lovin for what

[Verse 2: Kane]
Real ass niggas lets break some bread together
All you fake ass niggas yall gonna be dead together,
niggas could never understand what the tec would do
turn all you smart mouth motherfuckers in a vest of bulls
in and out, in and out my bullets havin sex with you,
im triggafied niggafied, my niggas ride, i do
Bitches got no class like a substitute teacher,
disrespect that ass, take off my rings and beat ya,
if i catch you doin bad, i got that right to heat ya
put some tens in yo meter, twist that cap like a two liter
what on earth would possess you to push me, take off your skirt
bitch show the world your pussy
the kingpin most wanted kid run this gangsta rappin
down with each other for life
Bitch it was bound to happen
haters start yappin, niggas bound to start cappin,
Kane and Abel in this bitch now its time for some action

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Sole']
Sole' hot pussy down for my bitches and shit
thug niggas slug niggas for they riches and shit
tight pussy bitch got these niggas lovin my shit
cock it back, rob you blind while you toungin my shit
motherfucker im the baddest bitch, gonna get you for dope
i snatch up and blow, and lick you while i get you for more
and you aint no droppin fellow when i get you and go
kiss your lips then I kill you while im fucking you slow (bitch!)
my brigade bring the fury of storm im hot while you warm
excelling niggas, reaching they norm u was sworn
motherfuckers wish they never was born
Sole' bless the mic niggas legacy worn
what, associal right handing my shit
commandin my shit, blaze the land with my shit,
red zone motherfuckers they was standin my shit
spittin like these niggas, they aint understandin this shit (bitch!)

[Chorus x2]

Gangsta! (Gangsta)
Gangsta! (Gangsta)

[fades out]