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Testo Teardrops

Dry cry even tears
Even my heart cry, but who cares

Overdose off the ovation
Make a stand for the whole nation
Dressing room like the Old Bailey
101 dargs and they ain't dalmatians
Knock your door, take your money like a donation
But why they think that was the morals we was all raised with?
Screwface can’t save faces
They only saving graces
At least it was saving papers
But there ain't no safe haven
If they can spray paint "Nigga" on Lebron James crib
That means a black card ain't shit when that’s the shade your face is
So basically, we're Kunta Kintes in some Cuban links
The Balenciaga's didn't blend us in
We're here now, word to God's Gift
They shoulda never let us in the game then
And know I'll back my brothers to my last breath
They left the Hennessy on the pavement
Ever see me on the pavement? Face on the floor, would you help a brother change his?
Circumstances hurt the hardest, ballers never made it
Black pitch famous
So east side like Mr fucking Agas
You were never school me if I scoop up something famous
And you won't catch me with Julie and the vaders
The real made us, man don’t worry ’bout no paigons
If you ain't got above 80, don’t worry what my rate is
You ain't fucking got the faintest
Mandem show off just to show the mandem they can make it
Coming from the city where the slipperiest of snakes live
A village has to raise these
Young kings and queens to believe their greatness
Fed up of police stations
ID parading 'cause will I be mistaken
Just 'cause I lead the station
While these sly paedos raping
Big man like you
Brogues and a big boy black suit and a gangster platoon
What’s a man supposed to do?

We have complained to the police about police and nothing's been done, we have complained to judges about judges and nothing's been done. Now it is time to do something ourselves

In love and war
All is fair where I'm from
The weak won't last
A week in shoes like our ones
When it rains it pours
Hoodies all summer
'Cause teardrops from the sky
Only seem to fall on you and I

Used to do raves for Ingrid
Wafer-thin envelope with eighty quids in
I paid my dues now pay me plenty
And me and Hollow on the phone talkin'
Sole trader verse, limited tax
No way to swerve, too legit
That's chrome paper berks in the crib, thanks
No wasted, burnt energies, facts
No haters, serve enemies, rats
Go chase and cursed, devil rimmed crack
Crack cocaine [?] penalties
Old names, that's [?] legendary [?]
No chain but shirt still a [?]
Infancy, sad
Those days concerned sisters be trapped
Most days absurd, bigotry, black
No days off, work literally, raps
No way, that's verse liberty
Shoebox memories
Reebok workouts and dungarees
We used to dream 'bout the most frivolous of things
Til we bought the most ridiculous of rings
Now we're just tryna keep our bredrin's out the bin
Side talk, everyone's a guy until a guy walks in
Allow the crabs in the barrel and survival ting
We could all go clear, who taught us musical chairs?

There's enough seats for everybody mate
'Til then, we can't reach nowhere, truss