Maje Testo

Testo Maje

Maje (maje), maje (maje)
Oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi)
Maje (maje), maje (maje)
Oyi, oyi (maje ntobetsa)

People, starring in my road toward people
You remind me of e-tolls I ain't paying no mind to balakaletsi, just saying
'Cause I'm about dijo, o tla ja go jelwe
(The sequel), o tla nwa re nwele
(Mo-mohito) coming out my paws like puss mo fisong
Majimbo, majimbo, majimbo-jimbo, majimbo, peep you
I'm a travelling [?], (first class flight)
Chanelling [?] (Yo, last night)
I touched lehodimo (Yo that time)
Ke tshegela ko godimo
Chuckling le badimo
Man, struggling is something we know
From a bambino to Gambino
Pusha le [?]
I never had to [?] to get these C notes (nah)
All I do is some rhyming over some beats, yo
Put in a hundred, got a thousand mouths to feed
No man is an island [?]
I take over daar so and heirso
I make believe ba bitsa lebitsa (Chana, Chana, Chana, Chana)
The return of Biko (rhaaa!)
Take anything but this here ain't no repo
It's the king of Mmabatho, seen the invisible, done the not possible
My mama was a soldier, letimer still a joker, shit
Ntwana, what was I to do
My grandma told me not to slip, hao sesepa
So I hopped on that bus out to Motjepa
Probably ke masepa [?] mosetla
Jabba believed we would make it out of Mosetja
Well, some hated, madimabe, shamane e kakanane put some money on it
I ain't forget you, Sha, I'm on it
Like ngwanyana with [?]'s pony
Look, if anyone knows me Towdee, Kaygee, Mo Molemi more me
I'm out kicking with skills, mokgotsi show me
[?] for dough but I'm a OG
Getting new money, the new improved broer, Khulani
I forgive you papi, go siame
I keep on moving like a new ducatti, rhaaa!

Maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje)
Oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi)
Maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje)
Oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi) (maje ntobetsa)
Maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje)
Oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi) (maje ntobetsa)
Maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje), maje (maje)
Oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi), oyi (oyi) (maje ntobetsa)