Thank You Testo

Testo Thank You

The taxman been knocking, but nobody's watching
Money is tight up in the VBS mess
But still here I am still talking, walking ka seledu
Out converting my wisdoms to my best
First time for everything 'bout to sign a record deal
Became an independent fresh from Iketsetseville
Devil been testing me, ntwana but o [?], still
Fuck a slippery slope, we getting off the hill
Save me the politics, it's all corrupt as shit
I survived worst of maphodisa squeezing hollow tips
My father's excess and inter [?]
When nothing makes sense, I just acknowledge this
Still ke lepara, ha ba ntebala ba itebetse
Banahana ba nkhatoga, ba nkimetsa
Banahana ba ntahlile ba itimetsa
I've been patiently waiting about to give me di-heads up