Open Up Heaven Testo

Testo Open Up Heaven

Heaven opens over me
I'm saturated in love
Dancing deeper in creativity
Nothing impossible for me
Stirring passion, dreams awaken
Heaven open is what I long to see

It's a promise I was made for, born for
To see Heaven open up on Earth
It's everything I'd fight for, I'd die for
To see Heaven invade this Earth, oh

Open up Heaven
We will party with the angels
There is nothing better
We're ready for encounters with you

Reclamation, transformation
Revolution, it's our destiny
A generation designed to worship
We have Jesus and his presence is all we need

And I live for your presence (everyday, oh God)
You are life to my heart (only you, only you)
I live for your presence
From your love I will never part (oh, oh, yeah)

Open up, open up, open up

Oh we want to ascend your holy mountain, oh God
We want to see you face to face