Xerxes Outro Testo

Testo Xerxes Outro

Yeah, Detroit motherfucker! Yo...
I hijacked a flight back to iraq to strike back and I attack with high-tech bombs attached to my wife's back and send her into villages like bitch go get the killing shit! I ain't endin' this 'til every bit of you is blew up into bits!
I'm sick of this, the shit is ridiculous but I'm into this! Get the jews and the muslims get 'em into the biggest pit that we could fit 'em in, pour some liquid shit that'll stick to them and flick a bic until there skin is as crispy as chicken is.
Don't get it twisted, bitch, I'll also hit america! Obama, Michelle I'm prepared to tear your whole rectum up!
Put my cock in lil Natasha while Barack watches, He can't do nothing to stop it, his motherfuckin neck is cut.
It's light-out at the White House, Barack is lying out, dying, Michelle's pussy is trying to dry out. So what the fuck to do? but piss off enough in you that'll puncture a lung or two, fuck it your blood is wonderful to watch, it's running down his socks, it's coming out his boxers, they're bloody too, he's going into shock, and if you come askin' if I'm a Ku Klux Klansman, the answer is yes, yes Gordy you've hung black men to death, man fuck your God, fuck your race, fuck Allah, Jesus can get fucked in the face, motherfuckers say they want the Horns, well I'm giving them to 'em, I want my Horns back, Satan, I was just lending them to him, XERXES MOTHERFUCKER!