Humm Deez Nuts Testo

Testo Humm Deez Nuts

More terrifyin than a handgun
Watch your man run, cause he can't stand Sun
When I let loose the lights
And radiate heat to any zigga in the street that try to bite
Oh shit, the nigga bit, and ain't protected
Cause they felt like the whole world respected
The hypocritical, talkin loud but ain't sayin nothin
Like I'm jealous all of a sudden
Boy, let me tell you 'bout life and bein hard
Jealousy's a devil, I'm true and livin God
The 5 Percent, not the jive percent
But the live percent, fuck that 85 Percent
And his accomplishments
I make only cream with the God supreme
Life is real, reality is not a dream
Those who chose to sleep, I wake em up
Cause you're sleepin with your mouth open hummin deez nuts


I never let the worst things in life get the best of me
Take these testees and ehm - open sesame
Here's a magic word you'll find absurd
Bitches always talk about me, so fuck what you heard
And what you're sayin, cause it's all propaganda
Soon as I blow up you show up with the slander
I hit you for a reason: skeezin - now I'm a woman beater
Women don't cheat, but quick to call a man a cheater
Now you're runnin to the next man
Like he really cares, stupid bitch, it's just a sex plan
I cut you off and found another girl to step to
Now you're comin back, cause the next man left you
I see you catchin mad hell on your own
Whatever happened to that you wanna be alone?
It wasn't you he really wanted, it was the butt
Now you and him can both humm deez nuts

I make a party bounce like a bad check
But some brothers flex like they're the ones catchin mad wreck
You could't catch a cold in the rain
So maintain before you'll be the next juvenile slained
Man, I thought you knew better, gee
You must not be from around here and don't know my pedigree
Allow me to show and prove for ya
I represents like a lawyer, I lyrically destroy ya
Rhyme rehearsin, fake underground cursin
Rapper, when I'm not emceein I'm just a person
Ordinary? No - Legendary? Maybe
Drivin Miss Daisy crazy, then I'm swayze
Dukes, and like Luke's my crew is 2 live
If it's business, I'm with this from 9 to 5
If it's pleasure you're seekin, my man, guess what
It might please you to know that you can humm deez nuts