Robbin' Of Da Hood Testo

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Testo Robbin' Of Da Hood

It's goin down in the ghetto, around 7
So beep me about 6, with code 11
So we can hook up at the spot and get right for the night
We stickin up anything in sight
If anybody moves, let em have it
I mean that, just get the goods, fuck the crab shit
And be quick, we can't afford to lose time
Somebody might sketch us, bitch up and drop dime
And don't forget to take the drugs and the buy money
And jack the car with the plates, save your ma money
Bring a duct tape and strap 2 joints and 4 clips
Don't slip, yo, be on point
The kids that we hittin is supposed to be willies
One from New York and one comin up from Philly
To pick up four ki's, and that's all good
It's a shame he doesn't know about the Robbin of the Hood

[Fat Boys] (Prrrr stick em hahaha stick em)
Nobody moves nobody gets hurt

There they go, it's not 7 on the dot
We gotta move before the spot gets hot
In the parkin lot? Yo, these is two dumb brothers
Word to mother, yo, they probably never seen _Deep Cover_
After this let em rent the movie
Now they're gettin in the car together, it's goin smoothly
Everybody play your hoods and your masks
Try not to blast, get caught, and that's your ass
The five of us took a oath and swore
We would rob from the rich and give to the poor
Drug dealers give us the perfect opportunity
To rob they ass and give back to our community
On 3 like TNT, keep your cool
Tape em up, get the drugs, money, cars and jewels
And beat em down real good like police would
Cause everyone's a victim of the Robbin in the Hood


Two of us are black, and one of us is jewish
Korean, spanish, but why do we do this?
We grew up together in the ghetto colorblind
We trust each other more than we trust our own kind
I used to move drugs, then my man cold played me
I did five years, cause my girl betrayed me
I maxed out, took a fed bid all the way
But now I'm home and muthafuckas gotta pay
We never keep the money, cause none of us are greedy
So we reform the fiends and hit off the needy
Makin our version of a ghetto Robin Hood
Confiscatin properties and reposessin all goods
The drugs we rob, re-sell and rob again
Willies think they're bein set up by they own friends
Fuck what they think, and fuck what you heard
Little do they know that it's the neighborhood nerds
Real crimies, do or die the way it's meant to be
To get the biggest willie is the crime of the century
If he don't get us first, knock on wood
Niggas, watch your back, it's the Robbin of the Hood