Revolution Testo

Testo Revolution

Written by Kirk Franklin; Rap written by Rodney Jerkins

Do you want a revolution?
Do you want a revolution?

Sick and tired of my brothas
Killing each other
Sick and tired and daddies leaving
Babies with their mothers
To every man who want to lay around and play around
Listen potnah, you be man enough to stay around
Sick and tired of the church talkin' religion
But yet they talk about each other
Make a decision
No mo racism, two facism
No pollution, the solution, a revolution


No crime, no dying, politicians lying
Everybody's trying to make a dollar
It make me wanna holla
They way they do my life, the way they do my life
There's gonna be a brighter day
All your troubles will pass away
A revolution's comin'
Yes it's comin', comin', comin'
Revolution's comin'
Yes It's comin', Revolution comin' comin'