Riverside Testo

Testo Riverside

Written by Kirk Franklin

It's Friday and my bills are due
My 3 month old baby needs some shoes
Can you feel what I'm going through
Clock on the wall keeps tickin' tockin'
No stopping and somebody's knockin'
On the do' telling me to go
My brotha I can't take no mo
So with my knees I hit the flo
And say, Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus

Let's go down by the riverside
Leave your problems all behind
You can rest your troubled minds
Down by the riverside

If I concentrate on all the bad
And all the things I wish I had
How can the dark clouds ever pass
Weepin' may endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning' light
Gotta keep your spirit right
So no matter what the people say
Ain't nobody takin' this joy away
In spite of everything I've been through
I can say, Thank You, Jesus
Thank You, Jesus, Thank You, Jesus

There's a blessin' in the water ya'll
By the riverside
There's a healin' in the water ya'll
By the riverside
Say what now