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Testo Genesis

In the beginning god created heavens and earth
The earth was waste and void, mysteries coming to birth
A great darkness was upon the face of the deep
As the lord awakens the land from its sleep

The spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters
Time was being written, god was the author
One touch took to create
The land dunes with long lasting sand
Uprooted the government of lightning only by command

A firmament in the midst of waters he ordered
To divide the waters and set borders
He named the firmament heaven as sensation
To be a climax dome upon his creation

Heavens were gathered, unto one place
Land was revealed, chaste as white lace
The lord had seen that it was good
The heavens, the seas
Said "let the earth put forth grass, herb and fruit trees"

God provided life
To rule the virginal plot
Creeps, birds and cattle
Wisdomly, created lots
Fish in the sea, birds up in heaven
The land prospered with those innocent creations

The Garden of Eden was all prepared
To the last creation the world shall bear
As there was no wise creature to rule the earth
A most beautiful creation came to birth

From the sacred ground a live image appeared
A Nimbus wrapped it to spread fear
The Cosmos stood numb as man came to birth
In a quest to subdue and tyrannize the earth
Blessed were they to thrive and to multiply
Life as a gift was given to realize
Sinful ways has lead them to perdition
Yearning and lust catalyzed demolition