Sulfur Salvation Testo

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Testo Sulfur Salvation

All thy sins
While thy kingdom cries

With no repent
Forever left to die
No more forgiveness
For the next generation
No more help
From divine hands

No attentiveness
For all thy prayers
No more bliss
Alive you shall wander in this land
Covered with open wounds
Moist from tears of the sky above

No time will heal
Once fallen from grace
Submerging this world into
Complete darkness
With no chance to be reborn
For eternity"
[Wrath Angel:]
"Beyond the veil
Lies the hidden land
Of false truths
And obscured lives
Of obese mind
And dark lust"

"That consumes us all
That devours our soul
For the acts we've done"
"Soon you shall be gone"

"God forgive these people
Although they have sinned for you
Show them your mercy
Let it be true"

[Wrath Angel:]
"Soon nothing will be left
But burning remains"

[The Lott family:]
"Ashes on ashes
Our brothers to die
The sin
The Sodom lie

No remorse
No redemption
Our savior

"Many died
By acts divine
Is this god
To be mine?"

"Am I to stand aside
While my brothers are butchered

[Wrath Angel:]
"This city to be
A disgrace
Walk away from
This place

Walk away!"

"I shall cleanse this
Wretched place
By fire, sulfur
My holy grace"

[Wrath Angel:]
"Children of god
You all have sinned
Now is your time
To be redeemed
By fire!

Now it's time
To fear the sky
You all sinners
Born to die"

"Defend your people one last time
They are your creation
Behold these women and children cry for salvation"

"I will smite this place
It shall be erased
Extinct all sign of
This pathetic human race
I shall crush this place
Deep into the ground
The legend of Sodom is remembered
But their graves will never be found"