Send Him Seaworthy Testo

Testo Send Him Seaworthy

Must have sailed in the usual way
And that was the reason never set themselves a blaze
A battalion that sails today
Just like the other vessels crashed through the waves

Come to the water, but it never was
There is nothing to ride at home
It was the best of us
I just can't face agony
I feel your heart beat

And all I told you was right with the sound
Enlisted men hit the waves again
I just can't go overboard
I never knew you can change,my friend
I've sent you my brother
I thought you'd be restored

You are sailin' through waves
It's so hard to reach you
You can come and sail with me
I dream to begin

And my dreamstell
That you are just fin
I will never ride up my mind
On the telephone I flow away
I just wanted to stay
I went away

Will you never show?
Show up again
Show up again
Show up again