Dragon Pie Testo

Testo Dragon Pie

I'll drain your blood
You'll taste my sword
You'll feel my wraith through this knife
I'll take your life
The hole in your head
Exposes lust
You never covered your sin
You cant kill me

I'll hang your coprse before me
I'll stand and watch you burn
I'll hang your corpse before me
I'll hang your corpes before the world

My hands are covered in blood
A needless murder to say
I laugh as the blood sprays
I'm gone

Chainsaw to the pussy
And you'll bleed inside

Kiss the ground as i stomp your head
Give me a reason to feel wrong
Your pain builds inside your mind
Your hate bellows from your lungs

I should have slayed you
Like that dragon last week
I will not stop

You cannot fucking stop me
I will keep fighting
It wont be over until you're in the ground