Emancipation Testo

Testo Emancipation

All of you deserve death for forgetting we want peace An obsessive cesspool bathing in Burger King grease The poor are doomed to continue falling in the crease Never with a chance to get their own piece You sit idely while obeying corrupt priests You're waiting anxiously for a phony press release Censoring every action fearing the secret police Viewing poverty as a conversation piece Selfishly striving for a fake golden fleece I can only pray, we can only make you obsolete For the future to escape a now gloomy fate We will now begin to re-educate We will rebuild the culture you attempt to desecrate Blindly allowing the unemployment rate To grow higher, you turn ambition to an idle state This restless generation slowly becoming more irate You force your views into every political debate Making sex something used to only procreate Your fucking views aim only to sedate The ambition within this state We will rise and kill your brainless hate We will not stand for a fucking police state Your sole concern your bank rate Until we get our clean slate FUCK YOU! We will never be your running mate Until you realize power in us is something great. OUR EMANCIPATION!!