Silence Testo

Testo Silence

(Intro Repeated-Sin of Graveyard Shift)
Silence is necessary, don't tell them who you are

(Verse 1-Sin of Graveyard Shift)
Formulate a different tactic, let's sing anthems
No sterotypical categorizing, rising above all make shift realities
Fantasies misconstrued the thoughts of wicked men
They cough as lungs inhale, exhale poisonous gases
Oh well, I guess I'll just protect myself in good help
Done played out the wickedest hand man has ever dealt
I felt like dying just the other day cuz Satan was trying
Walking too close by my side
Stay still, please don't move your soul you could lose
No crying, where's my blood?
You'll find out soon enough
Alright I'll ride, in due time we'll get our chance to die
Hold on to my mind
No use for guns or drugs, need mo' love
But yet and still, slugs get fired off constantly
Immorally, destroying my holy oracle
But I just ignore it though
Keep a steady pace just movin slow...slow, just movin slow

(Chorus-Sin of Graveyard Shift)

(Verse 2-Krayzie Bone)
As I sit in my livin room, chillin in my thug mood
I begin to hear noises comin from the other room
So I pause my Nintendo, then I walk over to the window
Is it paranoia from the indo?
Then goes a thought, then another thought
Run and get the pump, 'who goes there?
What the fuck you want?'
Cuz I'm gone off that blunt and I will buck a motha fucka down
You on my grounds
Hope they got enough of the rounds
All of a sudden I heard a crash
My first instinct was to blast, but the Mauseburg didn't last
So I had to dash, ran upstairs I was franic in panic
But I managed to make it to the top, to my artillery shop
I was runnin, but I could hear the souljah's comin
I don't they must think I have some money
AK-47 and a Mack-11
Jettin to the bedroom locked myself in, the clip is in
Teach 'em a lesson it ain't healthy to rob
They fit to slip on the job, soon as they twist on the knob
Just like I figured when they twisted it, the AK-47 was hot
I had to drop it but I emptied it
The Mack-11 would hit, hit the niggaz up from head to toe
Had to escape and I was out the window
Here I do, I hit the ground, uhh
Then I looked around, shook the fall
Hopped in the Benz and hauled
Callin my niggaz let's get ready for war
I think I killed 'em all but I know that they'll be sendin some more
So when they come back around, I say we show 'em rappin don't mean a thang
And this is a gun, and this is a grave
Rest in peace you're not feelin me
Truly Mr. Leatherface, I dedicate thiiis.....

(Chorus-Sin of Graveyard Shift)

(Verse 3-Tombstone of Graveyard Shift)
Fight, movin in the night
Daylight, takin slow paces might outrun the race
Never wanna rely on murda, enter my life
But life's so strange and hectic all backwards and shelled
The killin factor in jail
The streets is hell, you can tell by the smell
Off with his head oh well
You know they don't give a damn if that make the weak mind feel the same
It's a shame how they watch you, stalk you
Pinnin every step I make, Knowin every breath I take
Makin it easy for the next man to get his hands on a .38
They be buckin on niggaz in these last days
But thanks for the fun
Can't stay focused, causin ruckus
The devil done play with the Earth like a puppet
Now we all in fucked shit
That's why silence is necessary don't tell 'em who you are by far
Don't you tell them...who you are

(Outro Repeated-Sin of Graveyard Shift)
Silence is necessary, don't tell them who you are