Thug Alwayz Testo

Testo Thug Alwayz

It's 1999
Guess what?
The motherfuckin' real thugs is in this motherfucker now

(Chorus) 4X
Always, always, what am I?, what am I?
A thug always, -ways, -ways
Uh-huh, uh-huh

Niggas look out
And we in the motherfucker house
We in here now
It's going down steepin' through the crowd
Sippin' on Henny we get wild
Niggas lookin' fool
If he even move and step like he hatin', knock him out
And then keep stompin' his head in the ground
And drag him out onto the dance floor
Tell him what to stand for
Now when they came they had they pants on
We beat bitches up out their britches
Lets show 'em how to tear up a club
When they be fuckin' with the thugs
Nigga, we come to party
But I'll fuck up somebody
But y'all ain't feelin' me
Is y'all 'til one of these bullets split y'all, hit y'all
If y'all thinkin' we some bustas or hoes or fags
Then you should meet us, see how fast we slash your ass
You wanna rumble?
I'm sick of bein' humble
Give ya everything you come here for so come on, ho
Sawed Off Slim, it don't matter
I got somethin' for him and him
And then them niggas that you bring back thinkin' you can win
Fuck your friends
Everybody talk that shit, nigga
Oh, yeah I know it
But who gonna show it, and who the ho is?
I bet a million bucks it's not us
Yeah, we might not get everybody
Somebody gonna get fucked (fucked) up (up)

You wanna come test me now?
Come now say come now challenge me
Let a real niggas handle my business
I'm gonna finish I gotta end this, I'ma dimnish this
Come follow my prophet, seeking gifts
It ain't no stoppin' me I gotta clock G's
Pop niggas they D-E-A-D
Bet a thug don't test me boy I trust my dogs
Hit 'em up with a left, right, spot 'em with the beam
There's five trues of mine
What am I?
A thug always
Remember the way they played back in the day
Hit 'em with AK, y'all made to hate me, baby
Wooo! We comin' to really make y'all feel us
Remember that nigga Eazy-E labelled me and my trues black nigga killers
Nigga, the realer gravedigger, brew-swig, and love bud
And if you think you can hang, then come fuck with a thug
And I don't give a fuck if you a Crip or you a Blood
But when you see a thug you better show some love

( Layzie Bone)
Got damn, it feel good to be a thugsta
Gettin' high, smokin' weed all day
Ain't got to listen to no bitches and I'm disrespectin' laws
Just doin' it the Bone Thug way
Yeah, nigga, you gotta be crazy fuckin' with Layzie
And all these Mo Thug killers
We them ex-dope dealers and natural born cap peelers
Feel us nigga, if you want ain't of that high captain here
We kickin' that raw shit
Fuck the law shit, been screamin' it for years
Ain't no fear in my heart thanks to the Lord up above
And I got a grudge against niggas that judge, give 'em no mercy, no love
Let me see you shoot that motherfucker shoot that nigga
Ride up, slip the clip in, any trippin' niggas spit that fire
We don't need no water, let this motherfucker burn, baby
And I know they hate me say lately Layzie actin' shady
Hey, I'm the number 1 Assassin guess they just can't understand
I fear no man, put it on my number 1 fan
Cause I'm a stand-up true thugsta in a league of my own
The city of Thieves is my home and I don't trust nann nigga
My mentality is thug, runnin' the streets sellin' drugs
Off this nigga gettin' buzzed packin' heat off in the club
Nigga what?, nigga what?
They sayin' that Bone was split up
Just niggas jealous tellin rumors and lies
Can eat a dick up, nigga

Nigga, stay real
Thugs get high
Why you call yourself a thug?
That's how I feel inside
And we don't wanna hurt nobody, -body
But your fuckin' with us, and we shootin' up the party
Even if you was talkin' some of that Bone shit we sayin'
Then you can bring it on because we ready, we ready
Fuckin' with us is like fuckin' with no condom
That's dumb, better play with your son
Nigga, I ain't the one
Ain't a thang changed, niggas still the same, made a little change
Sendin' bullets to brain, fuck around, man
Nine millimeter come and get some, get some
Shoot 'em with them hollows, 'cause you know he's got his vest on
And you didn't want it to come to this, did you?
Fuckin' with them thugs, them niggas roll through
If you really want some run (better run)
Fuckin' with thug niggas run, run

Yeah say nigga come on
We ready for combat, but y'all ain't ready
Carry a deadly machete, shred 'em, they stretched
Now they human spaghetti
Steady smooth and very eager to bury enemies
If it be necessary, then nigga wet 'em (go)
And I better go get 'em
We pickin' 'em off with the heater 9-millimeter
Shit to sweep the streets make niggas retreat
That's heat
Now, I repeat if you want some nigga come and get it
Cause we still five live and vicious
Don't get it twisted motherfucker
Run up on us whenever ya wanna get down and dirty
Still stand in the Land with the slugs and my gun in my hand
Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy,Wish, and Flesh
Put it down to the north, south, east, and west
From back in the day we claimin' the thuggish ruggish
No need to change it
Now everybody a thug
If you real throw it up but if it's fake
Kill 'em and put 'em in with the rest of them phonies
Fuck 'em, and yes it's like that
(Chorus til fade)