Make My Day Testo

Testo Make My Day

[L-Burna] You ready to face this whole new millenium ha Nigga you raw you aint got no fears ha ha Tell me what you gonna do when they be droppin them bombs Cause I'm gonna ring me alarm try to stick it nigga now you know you got to do me Gone try to shoot me Or retaliate with this Ozzie got me showed you this is heavens movie Watch out nigga I'm gonna knock out any motherfucker who thinking that they bout itWanna talk about it, do something about itThem Cleaveland boys get rowdy Get buck with me get buck with meNow you know I'm ready to die for Thugs-N-HarmonyNigga spark the weed you feeling my Desperados I know[Chorus: Baby S & L-Burna] Niggas on my dick, Niggas wanna come my way (hey o hey oowayyy) If you ready to ride then nigga make my day Niggas on my dick, Niggas wanna come my way (hey o hey oowayyy) If you ready to roll then nigga make my day [Baby S] Man oh man World coming living way bad Gotta get me a drink and a new broad let me think now I got a bad broad that you pass So I download my mind with the icky-sticky-tricky bon bon Now I'm ready for whatever what the fuck come Im off the chain The ear piece platinum Ring Had a fake bitch on my team But a lemonade two rats now I came back with an album sold more than Sting And they said he wanna come my way gonna be holy without a day You could be about peace on the street aint still gonna put in work. [Chorus x2] [L-Burna] You a nigga, I'm a nigga, we some niggastheysome niggas, we gonna be some niggas for Lifeim gonna be a richer nigga, can u feel a nigga, dig a nigga. It's just like rollin a dice And at the end of the night I be the nigga with the longest braid Callin all the shots with the big Gator blocks and the fat knot Then they hit the block straight setup shots screaming fuck the cops It don't stop till they law down Im make a nigga draw down I'm a cock my glock and squeeze Put a motherfucker on his knees and if he don't believe me get these nuts Nigga when I put it down real with my nigga Baby S I'll make the whole world damn nigga best Better yet I'mma make them holla damn they raw the realest nigga you saw Who wanna step to this? Aint no thug in the line that could feel these shoes I gotta pay my dues I got the right to fuck If you step on my feet you'll be whippin it off I give a fuck about a motherfucker who be liking the boss I uppike the cost Make em all bow down,way down, niggas wanna test me now Im willing to bit I go round for round pound for pound See if these worst criminal niggas Got tips on they sleeves What about these real cleaveland niggas called SCT's[Chorus x3]