Still The Greatest Testo

Testo Still The Greatest

Hook x3 [Big Chan] I'm still the greatest I'm pretty I'm still the greatest [Layzie Bone] And i'ma bad man [Big Chan] Hot child in the city walkin' round lookin' pretty playas call m Sidity fuck pitty chitty chitty bang bang it's a Westside thang bitches get banged on and stole on in the city where the grass is green and the palm trees lean been ballin' shot callin' since 83 I know the mothaphukin' industry ain't ready for me or these ghetto fab queens already platlum in the streets I even got them jail house niggas sendin' they cheese to me Big Chan in japan bitch I'm over seas I'm pimpin' this gat watch me hidy flice these hoes leave em short changed take they fame and roll wacth em all fall to tha flo' it's a t-k-o all you heard was Big Chan don't hit me no mo' shit this ain't a game street niggas know the m-o I kill em with words serve em like them dealas do them birds ya heard me can't a mothafuka serve me I still hold the title reposessed it from some of my greatest idols you punk ass bitches is hollow I cave yo whole fuckin' chest in my nigga young Lay hold it down it's goin' down like Holyfield and Tyson this is for them bitc ass hatas I'm signin' off I'm kickin' ass and takin' names late late late Hook x4 [Layzie Bone] she pulled the curtain fo' certain we go'n leave these mothafuckas hurtin' niggas never no bluffin' no perv'in Lil Lay the great runnin' this earth I'm ready to serve ya right nigga done paid my dues and took my loses it's all about murder right fuckin' with these Cleveland bosses we flossin' ya get paranoid cuz me and my boys makin' noise shuttin' shit down heard the buzz around town these niggas wanna fuck with me now well step in my arena you ain't never seen a lilttle nigga meaner then Lay nigga back in the day when a nigga had to play with the a-k boys had em all blown away nigga don't play I be flippin' my lid sippin' my gin makin' mine cuz in 99 I ain't wastin' no time makin' that money while I'm pushin' my line design to prime nigga nigga with the automatic status daily on the trigga hatin' on me cuz I'm an original thug jealous of a nigga cuz I got these figures money don't mean A gotdamn thing we can go toe to toe blow for blow slug for slug a thug's a thug kickin' this here just to let you know ain't a damn thang changed doin' these everyday thangs and it consist of bank bud the brew and the bitches and the bustas never could hang nigga Hook x4 [Flesh~N~Bone] Now he better lay down Test me boy I trust my dawgs In the name of the Lord T-H-U-G Were not raised in hell Just spray With the G-A-G-E Smack em with the buck shot Guard your face Next mornin' I read on the front page news And o-bit-uary You stup[id mothafucka Shoulda known not to step to Flesh None the less He is one less bitch For me to worry about For the people in time I sex my wine Hit em up two times With a three peice nine then dumps the body and He's the one got the gun With the most of niggas Realease the beast Nevertheless They sleep in silence It ain't over for you snitches Can't handle the truth It hurts punk And the next shot Off the floor Inside his stomach Bitch now put em in the mud Slowly slowly See it inside you Open your mind Deep in your mental Flesh'll get your best Shoulda made you realize I stay thirsty by the flesh It'll be test to try me Little bit on the front In the aftermath When the long gone home It ain't shit Thought you knew me Til I made it known Nothin' to pick up the gage Explotion blow Contest not the Fith Dawg Never they know Check out my future From the second league They take out the streets Where this thugsta dwell All up in St. Clair Hit em up S-C-T Where them hang Niggas trippin' Sippin' the fifth of rose Everybody buzzed Steady remenissin' On back and to think how they roll Unloaded fo-fo's Niiga makin' my money daily double It's the reason they call me stack That nigga to peel back Your mothafuckin cap Hook x4