John Barleycorn Testo

Testo John Barleycorn

There were 3 men came out of the west they came their fortunes for to try And they had made a solemn oath, John Barleycorn must die They ploughed him 3 furrows deep laid clods upon his head And they have made a solemn oath, John Barleycorn was dead. And little Sir John's grown a long long beard He so became a man And little sir John he laughed at him loud and proud he sang: "Hey, hey, it's a lucky day, John Barleycorn ist dead." Well then came a shower of rain with from the heavy clouds did fall And little sir John sprung up his head, he so amazed them all They've wheeled him here, they've wheeled him there They've wheeled him into a barn With a knife they cut him of his head and dead was John Barleycorn