End Results Testo

Testo End Results

(feat. D.C.P.)

Y'all boys try a dope deal dutchy sacks ready to roll
Cop a sack from dred down there on 74
'Lac fogged up like you been hit with a smoke
Bomb eyes chinese like you been raised up in Hong Kong no joke
Boy when you roll through the MI 44 boy city gangstas bust them in the sky
Streets infested with sinners and bad body winners
Play your game right dog you might can take 1 out to dinner
And combined souls now jezabel got you lace all eyes on dred
When you walk up in the place with no fear of God what so ever
Mind only on chedder slanging out the blue beretta
Hit the club in somthing better just to show off your ice
38 on your waist in the back of the car you got a snipe
Praying Lord please forgive me if I have to bust
Asking you in advance just in case I have to rush

End results y'all its coming for ya
Cigar full of doja you can ball til you blow up
We never learn that's why many forever burn
Watch your rollie tick guaranteed it's hitting your turn

Got a hold of two headturners one black and italian
Other girl built like a stallion down for whatever on her medallion
Boy be careful about these dade county girls they ain't no joke
You get got with a small 22 she pull out of her coat
You just bent the corner blades spinning like propellers
At the stop light some cats pull up in a tinted jetta
Yellin hey pull over look dog you got a flat
Next thing you know you feel something cold on your back
It's miss itala mixed with black she done pulled out the gat
Make a false move cat she ready to attack
Thugs jumped out the back stripped him down like club rolex
Took everything to the car to the weed to the iced rolex
They peeled off right along with the two chicks
Mouth wide open like he been yawning thinking I can't beleive this
I don't deserve this yes you do if you be living wrong
These are the results of the lifestyle of them boys who ain't living long
Now you pack more heat took back the four feet
Bullet proof the black fleet ride no less than four deep
Boy it's real in this hood of reaping and sowing
For sure killas won't hesitate to bust your head over dough


[L.G. Wise]
Trapped on the block driving lex and coops
Iced up in the hood with your soljahs and troops
But I salute you with truth now tell me how could it be
Little kids selling crack lying dead on dese streets
It's messed up when you think your only hope is the dope
We end up dead or in jail so we can't even cope
16 with triple beams selling weight to make cream
Wanna cry when I see me people can't even dream
It's a shame how these cats gone say da name of my Lord
Spitting violence over beats got babies caught in the war
And they lost not understanding what they doing it for
Got these judges throwing the books and closing the doors
No more time with they family just a cell and cold floors
Like my Granny used to say when it rains it pours
Hustle to break bread just so you can stay fed
Next thing a closed casket cause they blowed off your head